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Perception, reality and what you can do!

January 16, 2012

Stan Davies, Inspector Parks Constabulary for H&F, and Wormholt Park’s own Ambassador – Constable Hazel Ryan – attended our committee meeting on Weds 11 January. The discussion started with a couple of interesting facts: there were 11 arrests in the park for criminal activity in 2009, 18 in 2010 and back down again to 11 in 2011; the majority of these crimes have been drug dealing related. We also learnt Wormholt Park sits in the middle of the ‘league of crime’ in the parks across Hammersmith & Fulham. Parks Constabulary are to increase their patrol of the park over the next few weeks and the H&F Range Rover CCTV will slowly drive through the park once or twice each day.

Whilst the perception of some local residents is the park is very dangerous, the reality is that you are not likely to be a victim of crime by being in the park. However, it is known through all the consultation last year, that many people do feel uneasy about being in the park due to the anti-social behaviour of some of its users. Stan and Hazel’s strongest recommendation was more usage of the park reduces anti-social behaviour, and if you do witness anyone damaging park property, breaking bottles, dealing drugs, lighting BBQs, dog fouling etc. be brave and be sensible – keep your distance and telephone Parks Constabulary, store their number in your mobile: 020 8753 5999 – it is always answered by a real person, not voicemail, and they have a standard call-out time of 30 minutes (which has been consistently met, and is usually less). Hazel keeps a record of all information received, so even if it seems pointless to call, the description of people/dogs, events, times etc. enables her to build a picture, be watchful and act accordingly.

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