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Development commences

March 4, 2012

Tree felling in progress

Building Better Health Ltd (BBH), the developers of the Bloemfontein Road site have arrived this week. Galliford Try, the contracted builders have been felling trees and preparing for the extension of the hoarded site area.

Whilst the next few weeks will see dramatic change, the good news is that our voice was heard by Hammersmith & Fulham Council and the developers, such that the cordoned off area is less than speculated, so that during the 2 years of building:

  • the small play area will remain open
  • the tennis courts can be used
  • the large pine trees stay.

However, both the park entrances on Sawley Road and Bryony Road at the Bloemfontein Road end will be closed, and many surrounding trees felled to make way for the main entrances into the development site.

It has also been established and agreed that:

  • all ‘fit for re-use’ assets e.g. railings and gates, will be kept in storage by H&F Council
  • the tennis court fencing will be patched up so it can be used appropriately.

This diagram (download as PDF) illustrates the perimeter of the hoarding and the trees within which will soon be gone.

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