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Happy holidays from the Friends!

December 22, 2019

Just before you embark on your seasonal holidays, here’s the final report for the year from the Friends of Wormholt Park:

I am happy to announce that we received our first award, the RHS It’s Your Neighbourhood – Level 3 (Advancing) Award, in recognition of the work Friends contribute in making the park a great place for people and wildlife.  This recognition couldn’t happen without your interest and contributions, such as on our big planting day on 9th November.

It only rained for half the day and a brilliant effort by more than 30 people meant that we put in around 400 plants all round the park.  Thanks so much for your hard work!

You’ll see the loggery bursting with ferns and hellebores, more sensory plants in the playground and other beds, filling gaps, bringing colour (from foliage and flowers) along with great shapes and textures.

The new meadow kept on flowering and its last burst of colour was from the gorgeous Cosmos through most of November.  It has now died back, but we can see plenty of plants that will overwinter and will flower again next summer.

We have also agreed with the council that we’d like to try sowing another meadow area, adapting the small area of longish grass in the SW of the park (near the playground adjacent to Sawley Road) sowing a different meadow mix there.  The long grass in this area might look unkempt to you at the moment, but it’s providing an important habitat for invertebrates to over winter. The grass will be cut in spring before the new meadow is sown.

meadow cosmos

The new meadows and plants were part of the biodiversity improvement projects we have been delivering throughout 2019 as a result of our successful funding bid to the Mayor of London’s Greener City Community Fund.

Our first event for 2020 will be a tree planting and bird walk event.  We’ll be joining in the RSPBs Big Garden Birdwatch from 10am (meet by picnic table), counting and surveying the birds as we walk around the park.  This will be followed by tree whip planting (finish by 12pm) creating a new hedgerow around the back of the Bloom’s garage.  These activities are suitable for all ages and abilities and I hope to see you there.

Thank you again for supporting the Friends.  We’ve had a great 2019 and look forward to an active 2020 in Wormholt Park!

Best wishes, Vanessa

Chair, Friends of Wormholt Park





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